To Do List for new home or lot owners (shareholders):

  1. For billing and communication purposes, share your contact information (ex. mailing address, phone number, and email address) with Lake Francis Mutual Water Company at as soon as escrow closes on your lot.

  2. Pay your water bill quarterly (once every three months) or yearly to LFMWC P.O. Box 422 Dobbins, CA 95935.

    • Undeveloped lots (not hooked into lot's main line connection): $300/year (as of 04/01/2020)

    • To hook into your lot's connect to our main line you must: pay a $1,000 fee, work must be done by a licensed plumber or contractor in coordination with our water manager, and our D-1 well operator must inspect your connection.

    • Developed lots (hooked into lot's main line connection):  $1,200/year (as of 04/01/2020)

  3. Watch for company emails announcing board meetings, the yearly shareholders meeting, and community events such as our Wildfire Preparedness Day event.

  4. Be a good neighbor/lot owner by following the subdivision's CC&Rs and maintaining the vegetation (ex. trees, brush, etc.) on your lot to reduce the risk of personal injury and property damage due to wildfire or severe weather events.  

Dobbins, CA 95935, USA

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